Started From The Bottom: The Benefits of Entering (And Winning!) Industry Competitions

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By: Lisa Banks 
It’s that time of year again – competition season!  For hairdressers and beauty professionals who are eager to showcase their skills, entering in industry competitions brings many benefits other than a shiny trophy to display in your shop. In fact, being short-listed is often enough to reap professional benefits and see your salon business grow as a result. 
“It’s a business building investment,” offers Frank Cini, Co-Owner of Taz Hair Co. in Toronto with many impressive accolades under his belt. “I feel it’s made me a better stylist and helped us grow our company. It builds your portfolio and helps you gain exposure on the web, social media and of course in the glossy pages of magazines. If you’re lucky enough to win or be featured in a spread, your clients will read that and feel validation.” 
According to the British Association of Beauty and Cosmetology, salons that win awards see an average increase in sales of £680 (that’s $1170 CAD!) per month. Award-winning shops attract new clients and retain first-class stylists who value the professional standards and creativity of their salon. Don’t be afraid to use your short-listed entry or award win in marketing and PR campaigns to expand your salon brand, boost business, and give professional kudos to your talented team. 
On a personal level, entering competitions can provide hairdressers and beauty professionals with motivation and encouragement to broaden their creativity in what is often a very competitive industry. 
“I am so inspired each year to see the work of all the incredibly talented stylists,” adds Julie Vriesinga, Artistic Director at Salon Entrenous in London, Ontario, who took home the trophy for Canadian Hairdresser of the Year at the 2016 Mirror Awards. “I have been lucky enough to have won a few Mirror Awards in the past which have helped me grow my clientele and push me to a new level of creativity.”
Entries for the 2017 Mirror Awards are now open! Download your Entry Dossier at 

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