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By: Lisa Banks  

As a busy salon owner or stylist, you likely understand the challenges and importance of getting guests to consistently pre-book their appointments. By making a conscious effort to fill your schedule, you can increase your revenue by as much as 50%. Here are three strategies that will garner success with your clients and your business.

1) Pre-book more than one appointment into the future

If you have clients that are good about returning regularly, go ahead and book multiple appointments into the future. By doing so, you increase the frequency they visit over the course of a year, and fill your appointment book well in advance. As an added incentive for pre-booking, ditch the "walk-ins welcome" sign.

2) Pre-book based on client history

Some clients are resistant to pre-booking and feel pressured into it. However, reviewing each customer's history gives you a snapshot of what that particular person does. For example, if the same client comes in every six weeks on Tuesday evenings, have an appointment card made out for their next visit while they're still in the chair. "Let the client know: Mrs. Smith, I've taken a look at your history for the past four visits, so I've taken it upon myself to go ahead and look out six weeks. I happen to have a Tuesday evening at five o'clock and I've booked you on that appointment. If that doesn't work for you, you can call back in a few weeks," explains Sean Larusso, owner of Madison Avenue Salon & Day Spa in Phoenix, Arizona.

3) Create a sense of urgency

Let your clients know you value their patronage by pre-booking to avoid unavailability. "It's about letting the customer know that you value their business and it's getting more difficult to get them in," says Larusso. This strategy is particularly useful if you're approaching the notoriously busy holiday season.

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