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We would like to congratulate all of the Wicked Halloween Contest entrants, this year. You've done an amazing job of transforming yourselves with paint, product and a whole lot of skill.

Our winners are Lauren Heximer of Niagara Falls, Ontario and Missy MacKintosh of Canoe, BC! Because the voting was a tie, our winners will each get a ticket to the Mirror Awards gala!

Thank you all for entering and we hope to see you all at the Mirror Awards!
Most Exotic: Lauren Heximer, Niagara Falls, ON
Most Glamourous: Missy MacKintosh, Canoe, BC
Best Child: Luna Mabee-Strum, Toronto, ON
Best Comic Character: Mandii Suriek, Mississauga, ON
Best Star Wars: Erin Traxel, Vernon, BC
Most Dr. Seuss: Corine Strube, Saskatoon, SK
Most Professionally Appropriate: Jazz Theofilis, Laval, QC
Darkest: Dora Dritsas, Montréal, QC
Hope everyone had a beautiful & stylish Halloween!

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