Farouk Systems "Fires" Donald Trump

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Farouk Systems, Inc. formally announced today its withdrawal of its sponsorship of the Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss Teen USA Pageants and that it will not renew its sponsorship of those events as they are directly affilliated with the Trump Organization. Farouk also announced that it will have no further involvement in the Celebrity Apprentice program. “Farouk Systems does not agree with or endorse the statements recently made by Donald Trump about immigrants,” said Farouk Systems CEO, Basim Shami. “Our company is multicultural with people of Latin American descent making up a large percentage of our employees and loyal customers. As a company proudly founded on the concept of coming to the USA in pursuit of the American Dream, Mr. Trump’s comments do not and will never reflect our company’s philosophy or practices.”
Two weeks ago Donald Trump candidate made a derogatory comment about Mexico, causing many of his business partnership to cut ties with the billionaire. “When Mexico sends its people they aren't sending their best,” said Trump on the first day of his presidential race. “They are bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they are rapists and some are good people but I speak to border guards and they tell us what we're getting.” 

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