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Every year, The FIORIO International group of companies sponsors charities and this year they have decided to take on Mt. Kilimanjaro in support of the National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS). NABS is a self-sustaining industry charity which supports Canadian professionals that face personal, career and family challenges stemming from personal, career and family challenges. NABS provides life-long support to people working in a very competitive and sometimes tumultuous industry, as well as free counseling, career coaching, specialized mental health programs and financial support – short and long term financial support due to serious illness like cancer, ill children, prolonged unemployment, food and medicine.
In the past Fiorio has sponsored NABS with gift cards and giveaways but this year Mr. Maurice Fiorio, founder/CEO of Fiorio International, has chosen to climb Africa's highest mountain for those who can't and raise funds for NABS' Mt. Kili challenge alongside Fiorio's Brandon Normoyle. Taking it one step further, Mr. Fiorio will try and break a world record by performing a hair makeover at the top of Mt. Kili!
Today, January 8th, the adventure begins! Your donations are welcome, and encouraged. Click here to donate and follow NABS for updates on their exciting journey!


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