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In case you didn't get the memo, the deadline for the Mirror Awards has officially been extended to Monday February 10th, 2014!
So go ahead and relax, take a breathe and stop pulling your hair out! We thought you all deserved a little bit more time in order to organize your beautiful collections. We've been wowed by the submissions we've received and can't wait to see what you all will be able to pull off with some extra time.
As a little FYI to answer all those FAQ we've been getting, here's some helpful info to take into consideration when submitting:
  • When uploading your entry, submit high res images in JPEG format via our online submission form. It's the easiest way! 
  • Wondering where to put your release forms in our online submission form? Simply upload the scanned forms in JPEG format. Dont worry about where they go or how to label them. We can easily guess what they are!
  • Yes, you can submit photos of the same collection/model for different categories, just make sure the images are not exactly the same (a different angle will suffice).
  • Yes, we accept all major credit cards (including Mastercard).
  • Don't forget to include your headshot! You need to submit a high res headshot (or group photo of the stylists) for every category. And we mean every category!
  • If you're changing salons before the time the Mirror Awards roll around, you cannot change the name of the salon you used to submit. Sorry guys, you used that salon's resources for your entry, so you might as well represent! (But if you did the shoot completely on your own you can enter as Freelancer).
  • A bunch of your stylists from the same salon want to enter the same category? Sure! No problem, the more the merrier. However, you have to submit individually and cannot use the exact same images.
  • For Makeup Artist of the Year, Colourist of the Year and Nail Technician of the Year we need before AND after images (before as in a completely raw image of your models, no makeup, no hairspray and no photoshop).
  • To qualify for the Canadian Hairdresser of the Year category, you must have previously won a Mirror Award in any category.
  • You're outside of Canada? Sorry, you only qualify to enter our International Stylist of the Year category.But don't be discouraged, every year we get applicants from around the world. Try your hand at winning this prestigous award!
  • Want to get your hands on some tickets? Tickets are on sale for $195 + tax each, but the more you buy the more you save! We'll soon have tickets onsale on our website, but you can buy tickets now by giving us a call.

Good luck to you all and if you have any questions call us at 416 923 1111

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