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In the footsteps of a legend
Montreal, June 21 2011 -

In early May,

Shu Uemura Art of Hair organized a sensorial journey for its Canadian hair stylists, allowing them to follow in the footsteps of a great artist, Mr. Shu Uemura himself. An inspiring five-day program was assembled last May that attracted stylists from all over the nation. An impressive 60 per cent of Canadian Shu Uemura Art Of Hair salons were represented in Los Angeles. A traditional Japanese tea ceremony - which stands as the epitome of precision, aesthetics and touches upon the constant aim for perfection, was held as a means to relate to the iconic hair styling ceremonies. To further the overwhelming sense of old Hollywood glamour a black tie gala night was hosted at the Mondrian Ultra Lux Hotel. Internationally acclaimed hair stylist Darren Fowler, Creative Director for Shu Uemura Art of Hair UK taught a Kendo Ballet inspiration atelier. Rick Cooper, Shu Uemura Art of Hair USA Creative Director and world-renowned stylist, also lead

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