Bmac 5 Series Ginza

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Bmac 5 Series Ginza

The ultimate scissor, with wider handle and very slight offset design offers more control for most hand sizes. The sabre- shaped blade provides additional strength for cutting thick hair. High-grade Super Gold II powder steel gives each scissor equal placement of metal molecules. Provides a more balanced hardness; soft feel, incredibly sharp. The 5 Series provides Bmac users with luxury comfort and cutting performance in both models.


Technical Details
Handle:Semi Straight
Pivot: SPN
Finger rest: Molded fixed
Stock Sizes: 5.5"

Pivot Details
SPN(r) Contact Point System. Disc-shaped contact point between the blades reduces wear with no exposure to the traditional "ride" area. High-precision ball bearing enclosed ring between the split nut and top blade for the smoothest cutting movement.

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