Bmac 3 Series Ratio 31

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Bmac 3 Series Ratio 31

31 asymmetrical "U" shaped teeth blend hair by exactly 31%. Bmac's most popular blending shear removes heaviness leaving the hair looking full. Highest-grade carbon steel provides the longest lasting sharpness for a traditionally made scissor. The 3 Series offer an affordable entry price.


Technical Details
Handle: Straight
Pivot: KMBB
Finger rest: Double detachable
Stock Sizes: 6.0"


Pivot Details
KMBB(r) Contact Point System A superior ball bearing mechanism integrated into the "flat" bolt then locked into a secure nut system, provides a very sleek design and smooth feel. This unique system combines for a traditional "pivot" and "ride" design scissor, with the a pre-adjusted tension flat control system. The best of both worlds!

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