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One of the biggest complaints we hear from hairdressers is the inaccessible nature of education, due to the cost and location of seminars and tutorials. We believe that the future of Salon and Spa education lies in creating a web portal where individuals can access information and education easily, at any time, for an affordable price. With this in mind, we have created a website that is all about connecting hairdressers to what they need: ConnectUs.Education.

For a three dollars a month,
subscribers will receive access to the latest news, invitation-only events and our video portal, which will host a multitude of videos on such topics as Cutting, Colour, Business, Beauty and more. Think about it as Netflix for the Hair & Beauty industry!

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Here's what ConnectUs.Education contributor Vivienne Mackinder has to say about the site:
We'll see you there!


You saw it in Canadian Hairdresser, and it has become a beautiful reality! Hundreds of beauty pros came out to our huge holiday event at Muzik Nightclub to celebrate the season with us at the Beauty Schmooze. They were entranced by presentationsfrom our Icons - Christopher Dove & John Simpson (CoCre8), Luis Alvarez (Aquage) and Alain Audet (Solnyx, The A List).
Acqua Salon shot this beautiful video of the Beauty Schmooze! Hope you love it as much as we do - thank you very much Acqua!
Videography: FOCUSFADE
If you're posting about the Beauty Schmooze on social media, please use the hashtag #BeautySchmooze. We love to see your posts! Thank you!
We were hosts to Christopher Dove & John Simpson (CoCre8), Luis Alvarez (Aquage) and Alain Audet (Solnyx, The A List) for exclusive classes. Icons attendees were able to improve their cutting, colouring and photography skills by learning directly from our international group of masters in small classes.
See more on Christopher Dove & John Simpson, Luis Alvarez and coverage of Icons in the January-February 2017 online edition of Canadian Hairdresser.
Thank you for coming and we'll see you next year!
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