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Fond Memories: From the age of 4 months to my twenties I spent every minute I could each summer at Highgate Springs Vermont - just 3 miles from the Quebec border on Lake Champlain on Missisquoi Bay which bordered Vermont, New York State and Quebec in a 10-15 mile area. It is still one of my favorite places on earth and I fondly remember the weekend parties, tennis matches, polka music, barbecue, water skiing, Ukrainian food and (of course) the beer my family and extended families (the Samoluks, the Laniaks, and later the Pedersons, Zaguraks and Zatinskys) shared at our cottages with our guests that drove that 63 mile drive from Montreal on many weekends to party with us. 

It is a place I find I miss for many reasons - and over the last year I have researched and studied the history of Highgate Springs and Area and collected post cards and period photographs which I will share here to those who have a similar memories of Highgate Springs, Lake Champlain and the Tyler Place Resort and would like to hang these beautiful historic prints in their Homes and Offices for friends and family to enjoy forever.


This is the first Highgate Springs Vermont Collection I will make available and you can either order all 16 images which span from around 1900 to maybe 1950 here on one Fine Art Paper Print (17" x 22" with all 16 images = $175, shipped) - or if you prefer individual images in black and white or sepia tones in other sizes please just contact me here, or by text or phone (e.g I can offer 8 x 10 fine art prints of individual images, prices vary by how many you want).  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed capturing them, enhancing them and making them available.


I dedicate this First Historic Highgate Springs Vermont Collection to my other Mothers, smile - Xenia Samoluk and Mary Laniak - who I love and who love the place as I do.  

Atlantic Salon Stylist

Last year Melissa Duguay took home a Mirror Award, and she's doing it again this year, proving that she has some serious talent. But how did she change up the looks from last year? "I focused a little more on cutting and colour this year, where as last year it was a little more of an up-do. I really focused on bright colours, I wanted to showcase the purple and the yellow but kept it simple at the same time," Melissa explained.
You can usually find her behind the chair at Eccentric Hair Studio, but her true passion lies in competing. She strives to create innovative and fresh looks - which are clearly displayed in this winning collection. Congratulations Melissa!

L'an dernier, Melissa Duguay a remporté un prix Mirror. Elle répète l'expérience cette année, preuve de son indéniable talent. Mais comment a-t-elle fait pour renouveler ses looks par rapport à l'an dernier? « Je me suis concentrée un peu plus sur la coupe et la coloration cette année, alors que l'an dernier j'avais opté pour une coiffure de style mise en plis. J'ai vraiment mis l'accent sur les couleurs vives, comme le violet et le jaune, mais en même temps j'ai voulu garder les choses simples », a expliqué Melissa.
Vous trouverez habituellement Melissa derrière le fauteuil de l'Eccentric Hair Studio, mais sa véritable passion réside dans la compétition. Elle s'efforce de créer des looks novateurs et frais, comme ceux que l'on retrouve manifestement dans cette collection gagnante. Félicitations, Melissa Duguay!
Hair | Coiffure: Melissa Duguay
Makeup | Maquillage: Marie-Line Beauregard
Photo: Denis Duquette
Models | Mannequins: Natalie Landry, Sophie Lyons, Mireille Cormier

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