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Tribal Warriors

"Sense of warrior to set up the tribe – emotion, let the Sam Villa tribe ignite your creativity…your soul…

Every single on of us craves the feeling of being part of something bigger than ourselves. By nature, we are tribal, culture is necessary for survival, all of us are born into a “tribal mentality” of various forms - family, religion, country of origin, ethnicity, etc. A tribal mentality can indoctrinate an individual into the tribe’s beliefs, culture…a common ground is established with honor and respect. When a team is plugged into a tribal thought process it encourages exploring and developing…the unspoken assumption of the tribal mind is that everybody loves being part of a tribe. At Sam Villa, we are creating a tribal mind that everyone wants to become a part of. As we build our tribe, I continue to reflect on Nelson Mandela who felt that the comfort and security of belonging to a group or tribe was more important than venturing alone. It’s about a new level of trust as today’s hairdresser is gravitating to the ‘smaller guys.’ As we collectively change in this industry, the tribes around us gradually change and evolve. At Sam Villa, we are finding a new sense of worth and meaning in the world of hairdressing. These photos are meant to ignite tribal instincts in stylists,” Sam Villa, Founding Partner of Sam Villa and Redken Education Artistic Director.

It’s about Simplexity - a complementary relationship between simplicity and complexity. Women want style that is simple and easy to maintain with details that add interest, luxury and multiple identities. Includes textured surfaces, accessories, up styles with plaits and braids, a sense of movement – tilting back. The Moulet (in French this means ‘molding’) the Moulet is molded away from the face, ‘90’s rerun – bold patterns – simple but complex, reinventing a classic wedge with a bob feel, carefree attitude.
Hair | Coiffure: Sam Villa Creative Team
Art Direction | Direction Artistique: Geneva Cowen and Pascal Sauvageau 
Photo: Shalem Mathew
Makeup | Maquillage: Marie Laure Larrieu and Joelle Boucher
Stylist | Stylisme: Jeremie Cote

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