The Band


The current context is full of trends and styles that are the opposite of each other. We are at a time when both sides of the coin are more united than ever, proving that opposites do indeed attract. According to the expression “Adapt or Perish”, fashion means evolution rather than change or transformation. This means evolution of a language and a system of communication in which beauty is equivalent to being socially accepted.

In the world of beauty the aim is to be able to interpret the personality and uniqueness of each person, meeting the needs of men and women who want to express their individuality.

We take a journey once again through our collection, which this time relates a story instilled with knowledge and research crowned by passion, which is our personal hallmark. Our aim for this season is to accompany men and women on a path where aesthetics and practical aspects go hand in hand to blend stylistic and technical research with the usefulness of everyday things.

This winter designers are aiming at creating fashion shows that star elegant and austere women, true paradigms of beauty. They are citizens of the world, brimming with colour and a desire to live. In this collection, we have interpreted them with the style that characterises us, marked by personality, attention to detail and passion. The result is an eclectic, personal and wearable collection, rich in aesthetic elements. Would you like to join us?


Minimal Touch.

The Minimal Touch trend is a return to our roots, doing away with excessive ornaments allowing us to recover our essence. Naturalness characterised by its simple style and the use of basic garments with soft lines and architectural content identified with contemporary beauty. The aerodynamic shapes diminish rigidity and provide a dynamism making the content flow with an ethereal beauty that encompasses everything.

As far as colour is concerned, monochromatic colours have been chosen interpreted by dresses with a conservative look but at the same time sculptural and modern. The colour pallet extends from white to soft brown, including camel and grey shades. The lines diffuse, become blurred and lost in space but at the same time they are solid and light.

The neutral shades work well with slightly futuristic shapes, in addition to creating a modern contrast that is reinforced by including blue nuances.

The woman personifying this style seems self-confident, which can be felt through the expression of her intrinsic femininity who does not need projected ornamentation and only needs to reinforce her natural elegance as her own essence.

Flawless Folk

Rustic folk aesthetics are brought up-to-date at Flawless Folk with a touch from the 21st century. This daring irreverent girl, interpreted as Tomboy last season, has evolved and travels the world being immersed in all the different cultures she finds on her way. Her adventurous spirit leads her to discover in-depth various places in the world, extracting something from each one and making it her own, with the same boldness and energy that has always characterised her. In this process, her femininity is reinforced that is defined with her own indentifying character and personality.

The result is a cross between traditional and modern, the leitmotiv of which is the combination of experiences in different places, traditions and generations brought together by the use of denim. This denim fabric is the common denominator present in each of these experiences and that, along with the superimposition and the numerous weaves, structure the aesthetics of this woman.

Both in the hairstyles and the clothes, the combination of fabrics and colours are defined by their enormous contrasts, due to being a huge mixture of traditions looking towards the future, aiming for innovation in a constant frenzy of creation and audacity.

The Band

The masculinity conveyed by a careful casual image is the focal point of everyone’s interest and makes the man the absolute protagonist of current trends. This is a person who seeks his own identity; an identity that is a combination of a large number of references. The man of today is conceited and flirtatious in the privacy of his own reflection in the mirror, even though he would like to appear nonchalant to others. The Band is the result of a combination of identities that have one common denominator: the background music of all that is carefully casual. This is a constant aspect in the sound repertoire of our male band.

Hair | Coiffure: Paul Gehring for ALCINA

Photo: Carlo Battillocchi

Makeup | Maquillage: Fabrizio Camponeschi

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