2015 Red Carpet Predictions

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2015 Red Carpet Predictions

As we anxiously wait for the upcoming 2015 Golden Globe Awards, waiting to see what the red carpet looks will bring us - from fashion to hair, our curiosity is peaked! Each year, these trends dictate what we will see for the remaining red carpet season and will soon want to emulate the “A” listers whom will ultimately make the best dressed and best hair categories. With Farouk Systems being one of the leaders in hair care and with a talented team of hair artists creating trends year round, two of our top educators share their predictions.

Magnified Firm Hold Hairspray and finishes the look with CHI Shine Spray for a polished look that will catch the spotlight.

Tammy Mixon, Farouk Systems Global Board Artist and lead Hair Artist for Miss Universe, predicts the upcoming award season will showcase soft tousled hair. 
According to Tammy's expert opinion, We will see romantic, soft waves with side parts for long and short hair.  

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