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Braided Mohawk

What could be trendier than a simple braid you ask? Well, a mohawk braid of course! New York city Di Rosa Haircare stylist Karen Agostino created a mohawk braid which she instagramed and created a huge trend alert!

“This is an example of how using social media can create demand for something,” says Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California.

“I’m very active on social media, I try to be consistent with my posts and gear it towards showcasing my work to attract new clients,” says Agostino. Learn how to create this trend-tastic look now!

How to:
1) Take a triangle section on top, lightly tease for height, then split in two.
2) Start a fishtail braid, taking the outer piece on the right and go under and into the center to the left section. Repeat on the left side.
3) Take a section on the right from the loose hair and go under and to the center of the left side.
4) Take a small piece of hair from the right side hair in hands and take it under and to the center of the left. Continue until all hair is in the fishtail Dutch braid.
5) Go back to a regular fishtail braid and secure with a loose elastic.
6) Start loosening the braid from the top, bring it upward and secure with bobby pins. Continue loosening and pinning to create the desired Mohawk effect.
7) Either pin up the fishtail end or loosen and leave down. 

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