This Collection of "Bird's Eye Views"represents some of the best, rarest and most collectable antique historic prints available in the world of the areas shown (Toronto, New York, Paris so far). Bird's Eye views are my favorite historic views of Cities you are familiar with in their current form  - because when they were made there were no "Aerial Views" possible - they were made with great skill, detail and imagination and many took 5+ years to make, and then years to hand carve into copper plates before they existed as coloured prints. Each has been meticulously and lovingly captured in our exclusive super high resolution process so they can be ordered in sizes as wide as 72" (6ft.) and still have the incredible detail, colour and boldness of the originals - even in sizes much larger than the original.  Each image is available in the multiple materials we offer which include gallery quality fine art paper prints that are ready for framing plus modern versions in canvas, acrylic and metal. They are also available beautifully framed in solid wood in many sizes including 17 x 22, 40 x 30 and 60 x 40 (inches) - please call for details. Please note in some cases the rare and collectable original version is also available - please contact me for pricing for originals. 


Shrine is Sharon Dow's first entry for the British Hairdressing Awards, rewarding Dow with the title of Northern Ireland Hairdresser of the Year. With a diverse range of colours, textures and forms, Shrine is a spectacular display of creativity and talent.

Shrine constitue la première participation de Sharon Dow aux British Hairdressing Awards, où elle a obtenu le titre de Coiffeuse de l'année de l'Irlande du Nord. Avec une gamme diversifiée de couleurs, de textures et de formes, Shrine est une spectaculaire vitrine de créativité et de talent.

Hair | Coiffure: Sharon Dow @ Kevin Kahan
Styling | Stylisme: Desiree Lederer
Makeup | Maquillage: Clara Read
Photo: Andre O'Toole

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