A single image from a Prada campaign was the first spark towards Freda Rossidis' new Pearl collection but it's concept really ignited once she arrived in New York for Fashion Week, last September.

"The uptown women in New York are exquisite, everything is so perfect, not a hair out of place," Freda said. "In fact, there is no movement in the hair at all."

"So for this collection I wanted the mood to be opulent, rich in texture and expensive."

She said her 'secret weapon' in creating the mood was US stylist, Marcus Stewart (from the reality series Dukes of Melrose) who flew to Australia with a treasure chest of vintage catwalk garments.

"Marcus is a leading vintage fashion expert who flies between New York and LA, who carefully manages the sale and purchase of courtier fashion to ensure no embarrassing red carpet moments."

The Pearl collection not only oozes wealth but presents hair of women secure in their place and ever-present at the pinnacle of fashion. It is wealth like theirs that funds catwalks worldwide. There is nothing aspirational about them. They didn't arrive in Society, they were simply born there.

Hair | Coiffure: Freda Rossidis, CAST
Stylist | Stylism: Marcus Stewart
Makeup | Maquillage: Kylie O'Toole
Photo: Andrew O'Toole

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