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Rob Pizzuti on Men's Style

The first ever Toronto Men's Fashion Week took place this year at the luxurious Fairmont Royal York Hotel and we got a chance to chat with TOM* Back of House Hair & Makeup Director and 2002 Canadian Colourist of the Year Mirror Award winner Rob Pizzuti. Aside from bringing in big name presenting sponsors, Davines Italia and Audii Downtown, Rob was in charge of leading the 39 hair and makeup artists as well as coordinating the 22 leading replica rolex men's designer's runway looks. "With 6 shows and over 110 models per day, I am thrilled at the flawless and successful outcome and I continue to shoot and design with a few of the designers today," says Rob.

Toronto Men's Fashion week has now joined the 7 other Men's Fashion Weeks around the world, celebrating Men's styles from dapper gentlemen to styles with a little more flair! Without a doubt, the first ever TOM* was a huge success and has had the Toronto fashion industry buzzing with excitement that such an event could take place in Toronto. Rob full heartedly agrees, "I am so proud of what my team accomplished for TOM*! The event grew from a large-scale fashion show to a city-wide, must see event in just a few short weeks. Having the city of Toronto back us in attendance and industry power houses like Vogue Italia and British GQ acknowledge and support the event was incredible." 
It's not so surprising that TOM* was such a smashing success, seeing as how men's fashion is on the rise. From the red carpet to the streets, you find perfectly coiffed men keeping up on trends from beards to lapel pins. "I love the fact that men are using their hair to complete there overall style. Everything from long hair man buns, to soccer player short & sporty and even geometric/super structured haircuts are all the rage right now," comments Rob. Not only are celeb super stars like Jared Leto and Kit Harrington sporting man buns on the runway, but even Leonardo Di Caprio and Bradley Cooper were caught on the streets wearing a stylized man bun!
"A few years back there was a definite void in the market place for men’s focused products. Now, you can walk down to any drugstore see thousands of men's replcia watches products. Men realize now that grooming needs are essential, even the most low maintenance guys have started trimming and shaping there beards," Rob reveals as why men are have become more interested in their personal style. Big name fake rolex product lines have always carried men's replica products, but the thought and design that now go into these watch products reflects the rise in importance of men's style. No more 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner boys, it's time to take care of those locks! Rob agrees with us, "men are realizing what women have known for a long time: Your hair can be a great accessory." Amen! 
It's not all about the product though, the key to a great style starts with a great stylist. "A great haircut is an inexpensive way to change how you look and feel and how others look at you. Putting your hair into the hands of a professional can change your whole look in the matter of seconds," Rob divulges. If you don't believe us believe Rob who has won multiple awards, has been colouring & styling hair for over seventeen years, and who "
As we speak right now, I am chopping off my long hair to a half inch angular fade - Just because I feel the need for a winter tuneup."
Follow Rob’s career through instagram @robpizzutidotcom, twitter @Rob_Pizzuti and facebook @Rob Pizzuti Master Colourist! Rob is available by appointment at Blyss Salon in Toronto’s upscale Yorkville Neighbourhood. For press or booking inquiries, please contact

Headshot by J. R. Bernstein.  

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