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Christophe Gaillet embodies his free way, a French style, a blend of classic and bold accents strict and street elegance. Fashion is to be "itself", and for her to be "self" is due to an adequacy: a cut foolproof, a #awless and subtle color. Volumes freedoms they love and they urbanize. His references are magazines, muses that make them an "IT GIRL" in pure beauty and original.

Colour is played natural in organic tones: beige blond amber and the ash satin effects. MORE : "ARTY COLOR" proper technique for the convertible cuts. Mixing hot and cold shades with touches of red monochrome mosaic effect. The subtlety of result con&des when hair is in movement.

Christophe Gaillet a su incarner un style français : un mélange d'accents classiques et audacieux avec une élégance à la fois rigoureuse et décontractée.

Hair | Coiffure: Christophe Gaillet
Stylism | Stylisme: Natasha Pavluchenko
Makeup | Maquillage: Izabela Szelagowska
Photos: Weronika Kosinska
Coordination: Mariusz Krysa

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