The original Mark Nicholas Burack images you see in the Still Life Collection are available as hand signed and numbered limited edition prints and come with a Certificate of Authentication. You can also order a One-of-a-Kind version of the image you love that will never be replicated.  I shot these luxurious images on my dining room table and then transformed them into the versions you see here - great in sets and stunning detail and colour. 


From Racoon International – sumptuous imagery shimmering with glamour and style. “Each of these sassy, flirty females is wearing hair extensions,” says Racoon Creative Director, Stephen Messias. “The look evokes today’s hugely popular vintage glamour and by posing alone, in couples or groups, they look sexy, yet cool at the same time

Cette collection présente des images somptueuses et chatoyantes, toutes en séduction et en style. Le look évoque le très populaire "vintage glamour ". Que les mannequins posent seuls, en couple ou en groupe, ils ont l'air sexy et décontractés.
Hair | Coiffure: Racoon Artistic Team | Équipe artistique du Racoon
Makeup | Maquillage: Jo Sugar
Wardrobe | Mode: Jo Toronka
Photo: John Rawson

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