Cautivar was part of the winning photographic collection for 2013 Hair Expo Australia Salon Team of the Year award and was a finalist for Emiliano in the Australian Hairdresser of the Year award. 

Taking inspiration from the film works of iconic director Pedro Almodavar and time working in Spain, Emiliano Vitale’s stunning photographic collection, CAUTIVAR, comprising of 6 trend-driven images, reflects the juxtapose of the simplistic yet complex layers in the female leads of Almodovar’s films. 
Using the texture and movement in hair, along with delicate lace fabrics, Vitale has masterfully created layers of intrigue, sensuality and strength. The hair is characterised by an air of simplicity, however hidden complexities and varying techniques have been used to create the styles. 
The fluidity of movement and a contradiction of textures typify the strength and influence of the ‘Almodovar’ woman, yet the styles are still fashion-forward and relevant, with a commercial viability.
Salon: é SALON
Hair | Coiffure: Emiliano Vitale
Makeup | Maquillage: Max May
Photo: Paula Scala

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