An expression of man in todays fashion society. Straight from the street with the diversity of multiculturalism, tailored bespoke expression with reminiscence of time gone by. Stylized coiffure hair with an edge of rawness optimizing the Australian fashion man. Inspired from the the streets of Windsor Melbourne with the resurrection of tailored clothing and the preppie bow tie. Hair expression influenced by the movement towards the evolution of mens grooming with more tailored styled hair but still maintaining the rawness that is man.

L'expression en coiffure influencée par l'évolution des soins pour hommes avec un style plus personnalisé, tout en préservant la nature même de la gent masculine.


Salon: Chumba Concept Salon - Australia
Photographic - Carl Keeley
Collection - Christpher Gratton
Hair - Christopher Gratton, Pete K
Makeup - Debbie Litkowski


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