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Natural curl can be an intimidating hair type, but experience gives the knowledge to embrace this texture for all its beauty. Natural texture is a gift and one that should not be wasted – it’s not a trend, it’s a lifestyle and this collection celebrates it for the unique fabric that it is.

Cut: Conditioner was applied as a hand lotion to minimize expansion and frizz when touching/cutting hair. Zigzag sections were used to create natural deconstructed shapes and texturizing was left to a minimum to reduce expansion. Step Cutting (using the tips of the shears to randomly cut/snip sections) was used under section where weight needed to be built. - Sam Villa

FinishFingers were used as much as possible and conditioner was used as a leave-in on the very dry coarse hair. Most hair was left to dry naturally to enhance curl and reduce frizz, using duck clips on the curly/springy hair that needed extra lift. Hot curling irons were also used on dry hair to provide extra lift at the root and used on random section of the top of some of the heads to create a defined polished curl. - Sam Villa

Color: Curly hair is a passion, when approaching the color for this collection the shapes were celebrated, with a focus on reflection and shine, as light brings attention to areas of interest in curly hair. To add contrast to curly hair, one of the approaches is to concentrate colors 2 to 3 levels lighter or darker though the shape in wave patterns to create reflection. - Geneva Cowen


Hair | Coiffure: Sam Villa & Geneva Cowen

Art Direction | Direction artistique: Geneva Cowen

Makeup | Maquillage: Paula J. Dahlberg

Stylist | Stylisme: Michelle Boucher

Photo: Shalem Mathew


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