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Holiday Hairstyles

Patrick Kalle, member of Farouk Systems Global Board, has shared his secrets on how to create three glamorous hair styles just in time for the holidays. Impress the in-laws, stand out at the office party or bring in the New Year with a bang with these fabulous do's!

Old Hollywood Waves

What better way to bring in the holidays than with a glamourous Hollywood do? To mimic Patrick Kalle's deep waves start off by curling your hair with a curling iron. Once you've curled your locks, brush your hair out with a large paddle brush to achieve those romantic waves. If you want to kick it up a notch, side part your hair by lining up with the outside of your brow and polish up those waves with your favourite product.

Grace Kelly-Inspired Coif

Go bigger with a Grace Kelly inspired coif! Volumize your hair from root to tip with your favorite volumizing products. Start backcombing your hair from front to back, doing small sections at a time, sticking to your interior hair. To smoothen out the exterior of your style, comb over the outside of your hair very softly and from front to back to not ruin style or volume. Build a base for the roll at nape level by backcombing the bottom section of your hair, rolling it under and pinning to set. Comb some locks over the base and pin to conceal it. Gloss up your hair gently with your favourite products to top it off!

Side Swept 60's Chic

A stylish up-do that can be classy and fun! Tie your hair back in a high ponytail at the top of your head. Give your hair some texture with hairspray or a volumizing product. Pull your ponytail forward and over to the side to create the image of a long fringe. Tuck the ends of your ponytail under and pin in place. Smooth out your fringe with the palm of your hand and feel free to gloss up your do with your favourite products. Clean a mascara brush and spray some hairspray on it to clean up your style.

Hair | Coiffure: Patrick Kalle
Photos: Matt Dobre 

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