Ten Spa

From its opening in 2005, Ten Spa located at Hotel Fort Garry in Winnipeg, Manitoba combines modern and traditional treatments to offer clients all the tranquility and comfort they desire.
Ten Spa offers Turkish inspired Hamam treatments including Intro to Hamam, Hamam 101 and Hamam Fully Loaded. Hamam treatments are meant to rejuvenate and replenish the soul, beginning from the moment you enter into the aromatic salting area. The clean and fresh design only adds to the relaxing spa experience.
As for the future of Ten Spa, they hope to continue building upon their excellent reputation and work on offering customers the best treatments available. "No fad driven trends, here only results," said spa director, Elena Zinchenko.

Studio Facts
Year Opened: 2005
Owners: Ida Albo & Rick Bel
Location: 222 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB
Phone: (204) 946-6520 or 1-866-585-0772
Website: www.tenspa.ca
Services: Includes 42 treatments along with 7 Hamam treatments
Staff: 71
Design: Belinda Albo
Unique Appeal: The spa incorporates a new take on classical techniques.

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