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Hair Be-Gone! With bikini season right around the corner, you're probably already starting to work on those abs for days spent at the beach, but have you considered getting rid of that unwanted hair?

Getting a bikini wax may be a bit daunting and the thought of getting a Brazilian (all hair in that area gone!) may send shivers down your spine, but we recently had our first waxing experience and it wasn't as bad as all that!

The Ten Spot on Queen West in Toronto kindly sent us for a 'brazilly' - their signature treatment. With a retro vibe and friendly smiles upon entering, we instantly relaxed. The waxing itself took about 20 minutes, and while it was (obviously) a little painful, the pain only lasts for mere seconds after each strip is quickly ripped off.

Afterwards you may experience redness and irritation for up to a couple days after (particularly for first time waxers), but after this goes away you'll be a whole new level of smooth. After the irritation subsides, make sure to exfoliate the area to avoid ingrown hairs.

For the whole month of April, The Ten Spot is offering first time waxers 20% off their wax - so make sure to head to one of their locations to get prepped to wear that tiny-weeny bikini!

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